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Great App. Lots of potential

by Brew Guy Fantastic app. Developer welcomes feedback and is nice to work with. Lots of therapeutic potential for a great price.

Simple but Effective

by bjdmx1 Wish there was a little less blur with the dot other than that it's great especially for the price.

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iEmdr runs but the setup grid never goes away once the session starts. So i see the dot behind the setting grid that asks about sound, speed etc. what am I doing wrong.

The idea is you use the grid with the dot in the background to adjust the settings. Then you hit the pause (||) button on the lower right. The grid disappears and the whole screen is for the dot except the start/stop and pause button.

I clicked "no" to giving access to my contacts initially, now I would like to undo that decision so I can set up profiles. But every time I click the + button to add contacts now it closes the app and won't bring up the same "give access to contacts" box. Do you know how I can undo that initial entry...?

Yes, you can adjust the address book access. Just go to your iPad's Settings/Privacy/Contacts screen. All apps requesting address book access are listed there and you can toggle their rights.

Just bought the emdr app and cannot figure out how to store client info. The tab comes up but I have no access to a keyboard. I'd appreciate any help trying it figure this out. Is there any way to store the settings?

iEmdr relies on your address book on the device. When you hit the „Clients“ button on the iPad (or you are on the start screen on iPhone) for the first time you see an empty list: screenshot

Here you hit the + button and then search and select an entry from your address book. This entry gets added to your client list. The settings will be stored per client.


Do you plan on integrating tactile stimulation? I imagine you could plug buzzers into the headphone jack and use alternating L/R sounds to stimulate them.

I received my set of tappers and found they need about 3 Volts to vibrate. This means, I need to find/build a small amplifier for the sound output of the iPhone. I’m not a HW-guy, but I'll follow the idea.

Reduce blur

Warum hat die Kugel einen Schweif?

Ohne Schweif erkennt man besser, ob die Augen der Kugel korrekt folgen. Denn nur wenn die Augen korrekt folgen, erscheint die Kugel in der Bewegung auch als Kugel. Folgen die Augen nicht korrekt entsteht ein Schweif, die Kugel flattert oder es kommen andere Effekte. Durch den Schweif ist das nicht mehr so klar zu unterscheiden.

Es wäre sehr gut, wenn man den Schweif abschalten könnte!

Thinking the ability to record sessions would be useful, but can't see how to do it. I have checked my microphone is working.

I think there is a misunderstanding, probably due to the fact that I’m not a native speaker. What I mean with recording sessions is to keep track of the duration and settings for each individual using the app on your device.